When peak travel season arrives, hotel and resourt owners and managers often face a surge in labor demands. However, securing local employees willing to commit to temporary positions with demanding hours can prove challenging.

To meet this need, numerous operations in the hospitality sector turn to the H-2B program to bolster their workforce during busy travel periods.

Drawing on extensive experience within the hospitality industry, Phoenix Labor understands the unique requirements involved. We possess the expertise to guide businesses through the intricate paperwork required for H-2B program applications. Trust our seasoned team to streamline the process, ensuring your hotel is well-equipped with the additional support needed to thrive during peak seasons.

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H-2B Initiative Affects Hospitality Industry

In September 2018, the US Department of Labor announced that it will be cracking down on the hotel industry’s use of foreign workers as part of a new H-2B visa enforcement initiative. Learn what this looks like in our post.

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