An H-2B visa allows a non-agricultural employer who can demonstrate a shortage of US workers to apply to hire foreign visa workers. H2-B workers generally come to the US each year to work for the same employer, and return home upon the completion of their work season.

To participate in this program, employers must partake in a complicated, multi-step process that must be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

There is currently a cap on the number of visas issued in the H-2B program based on the employers’ start date. Since 1990, the cap has been set at 66,000 visas with 33,000 reserved for each half of the fiscal year, beginning October 1 and April 1.

At this time, Phoenix Labor serves those looking to hire five or more workers through the H-2B program.


  • You must have a need which is seasonal or peak load.
  • The job time-frame must be for less than 10 months.
  • There must be no qualified and willing U.S. workers available for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions